ESGI Pre-Loaded Tests - New Teacher Dashboard

ESGI has over 2,000 pre-loaded tests available for teachers to use. 


Pre-Loaded System Tests

Pre-Reading: Upper/Lower Case Letters, Upper/Lower Case Sounds, Sight Words (50), Concepts of Print

Pre-Math: Number Recognition, Coin Identification, Patterning, Shapes

Phonics: CVC Words, Final-e, Blends, Digraphs, Y as a Vowel, Vowel + r

Other Sight Words: Other sight word lists, in groups of 30 words (Total of 240 words)

Phonemic Awareness: Initial Sounds, Final Sounds, Blending, Rhyming


Noted Authors/Friends of ESGI Tests:

Visit the ESGI Noted Authors/Friends of ESGI Support Page to view their tests. CLICK HERE for information on adding these tests to your Home Screen.

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