FAQs from Second Grade Teachers - New Teacher Dashboard

To find the Second Grade tests, select Test Explorer. Use the Grade Level filter and select Grade Two




Second (2nd) Grade Test Titles:

Second (2nd) Grade Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Test Titles: 

Click the links below to find out more about seconds grade tests:

*Reading Intervention Tests by Kathy Crane

*2nd Grade Sight Words by Mary Amoson

*Reading Aptitude Continuum by Donna Whyte


You also have the option to create your own tests. For more information, visit our help page "Creating a Test" or watch a short video that explains how easy it is to make your own tests.


How can I use ESGI to support my small group guided reading and math instruction?

ESGI's automated tracking and reporting system makes it easy to use real-time data for individualizing lessons and create small groups. The bar graphs analysis is clickable so you can quickly see which students answered incorrectly, correctly or have not been tested. The class totals report ranks students according to scores so that you can identify students who need support in an area.


If my students were tested with ESGI in Kindergarten, how can I see that data?

If your school has been using ESGI or has pre-assessed incoming students with ESGI, you can find previously assessed students in the Student Manager. For more information, visit our help page "Student Manager" where you'll find a short video explaining the process.

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