Administering a Yes/No Test

1. Click on the student's name in your class list, then click "Test".

2. Administer the test to the student, selecting Yes or No according to how the student responds (or use the up/down arrows). Notes should be added before selecting Yes or No.

3. Continue through all test questions, selecting Yes, No or Skip until you complete all the test questions.  You must go through all of the test questions with a Yes, No or Skip in order to record a completed test session.

4. Closing out of the test before all of the questions have been marked (by selecting the “X” in the top right), will result in giving you the option to resume the test session or start a new session. To test incorrect and not tested, choose start a new test session.

5. If you choose to resume the test session, you will continue the test where you left off and upon completion the results will be recorded as one test session with the most recent test date.

6. Once you complete the test, the results will be displayed immediately. Click to view Test Details or Test History or print Flash Cards. Click Close when finished.

7. The score is reflected in the pie chart on the Home Screen:

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