Adding Students

Teachers can add students to their class, but how they are added depends on if they were previously assessed in ESGI. 

Students that have been assessed in ESGI by another teacher or in a Pre-Assess Account should be added to a class using Student Manager. Manually adding a student that exists in Student Manager will create a duplicate. 

New students can be added using our Student Upload Tool or can be added manually on the Home Screen by clicking the “+” button in the All Studentssection on the left. 

If the "+" and "Student Manager" buttons are missing, your district is importing student information, and students can only be added via the import files. If you think this is an error, please email and we will assist. 

  1. Click the "+" button: 


  1. Enter the student's information then click "Save". 


  1. If the student already exists in ESGI, you will receive the following message with two options: 


Option 1: “Cancel” will exit out of the Add a Student screen.  

Option 2: "Create Duplicate Student” will create another duplicate record for that student and you will not have any previous data that may have been collected.

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