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ESGI’s Student Profile will serve as a go-to place for storing each individual student’s personal information. Step-by-step instructions for accessing and using the Student Profile functionality can be found below: 

Accessing Student Profile/Student Profile View: 

  1. Click on the linked name of the student in your class, at the top of the screen, based on the student you have highlighted in the home page. 

  1. After on the student’s name, you should see this screen:

  2. There are three main tabs of Student information within the Student Profile: Student Profile, Location, and Additional Information (see the red box): 

Student Profile contains:  

  • Student Name (First/Last)
  • ID
  • Grade
  • Language
  • Gender 

Location contains: 

  • Classes and Groups that the student is associated with 


Additional Information Contains: 

  • Other demographic information, such as: 

  • Birth Date 

  • Race/Ethnicity 

  • Lunch Status 

  • Special Programs including Gifted/Talented, SpEd, RTI, ELL/ESL, and 504. 

  • Please note that all these fields in the Additional Information tab are optional, and they all can be accessed/uploaded through the Upload Students Tool, which we will address at the bottom of this page. 

  • Also, note that the Special Programs field is informational only and does not correlate/communicate with any other fields within the application. 

  • Finally, at the bottom of the Additional Information tab, we have included a Comments section, which has a character limit of 500. Please note that this section must be filled out within the ESGI application and cannot be uploaded (this is excluded from the Upload Students Tool). 

Additional Information Tab: 


Race and Ethnicity List: 


Lunch Status List: 


Special Programs List: 


Comments Section: 


Student Picture: 

  • The Student Picture can be edited within the Student Profile, as well, by clicking on the picture and either uploading or dragging and dropping an image file from your device (Supported file formats/sizes are displayed in the tooltip). 

Where to click to add Student Picture (via upload/drag functionality):


New Student Icon: 

As mentioned, note that next to each Student, to edit an individual Student profile, instead of clicking the pencil icon to the right of each Student’s name, you will now see a student icon in its place. 

This always displays, except when the “View Students” setting is disabled. 

Upload Students Tool: 

For teachers who are not working with districts that use ESGI’s importing feature, if you would like to upload a class roster file rather than adding students individually, you can do so via the Upload Students Tool 

You can access this by clicking on the “+” next to your students list, then clicking the “Add Students via File” option from the “Add a student” pop-up, and then choosing “Add Students via File” again, which will appear in a subsequent pop-up, to the left of “Download Template”: 

  1. Clicking “+”: 


  1. Click “Add a student” or “Add a Class” option above. 

  1. Click “Upload Roster” again, to add your roster of students:

    Note: If you select “Get the Template,” you will see the following new fields, from a downloaded Excel document.

  2. “Get the template” option:

Excel doc: 


The list of fields are as follows (note that the * next to a field indicates that the field is required): 

  • Grade*: Pre-K (3), Pre-K (4), TK, Kindergarten, Grade One through Grade Twelve 
  • Gender*: Female, Male, Other 
  • Language*: English, Spanish, Other 
  • Student ID: Numbers or Letters (no limit) 
  • Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY 
  • Race/Ethnicity: Asian, Black (or African American), Multi-ethnic, Native American or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, White or Caucasian, Hispanic or Latino, Middle Eastern or Northern African 
  • Lunch Status: Free, Reduced, Other 
  • Gifted/Talented: Yes, (leave blank for No) 
  • SpEd: Yes, (leave blank for No) 
  • RTI: Yes, (leave blank for No) 
  • ELL/ESL: Yes, (leave blank for No) 
  • 504: Yes, (leave blank for No) 
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