Previous Tests

Before choosing a test, you can preview it to ensure the test will meet you or your teacher's needs. 

  1. Select Text Explorer on Home Page.

  1. Use the search filters to find a test, then click "Preview” arrow through the test to see the questions before adding it to your Home Screen.

  1. In the preview, there are arrows (not Y and N buttons). Notice there is not a student name at the top of the screen.


  1. When testing a student, the Y and N buttons appear. To test a student, you must be in a teacher account, on the Home Page, and have a student selected. When you click "Test" and begin, the test will appear with the student's name and the arrows are replaced with Y and N buttons. Our Keyboard Shortcuts Support Page provides step-by-step instructions to customize these buttons (i.e., C and I for Correct and Incorrect.)
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