Creating a New Test

ESGI has over 2000+ pre-loaded tests available, but also allows the flexibility to customize the available tests or create new tests specific to your school or district.

Simple tests that have lists (sight words, numbers, letters, etc.) can easily be created by copying the items from a document and pasting them into the ESGI test. You can create tests by using either Creating a New Test or Auto Test Creator. Steps for creating a Yes/No Test, Single Score and Rubric Test can be found below. 

  1. On the right side of your home screen select Create a New Test under Subject Tabs & Tests.
  2. Begin by selecting your Test Type: Yes/No, Single Score, or Rubric:

Yes/No:  Will be a test with multiple questions

Single Score: Will be a test with one question and multiple points

Rubric: Measures student performance with set criteria and levels.

Explanations of required and optional field descriptions are found below. 

Test Name (required field) – Enter a name for the test. This is a required field.

Test Type (required field) – Select Single Score (one question) or Yes/No (multiple questions)

Total Possible – Enter the total number of points (no decimals). This is a required field if Single Score is selected.

Description (required field) – Enter a brief description of the test. Questions cannot be added to the test until the Test Description is set.

Background – Black (default) or white. The background color applies to all questions within the test.

Content Area – Select a content from the drop-down list (Language Arts, Math, Spanish, Science, Social Studies/Humanities, The Arts, Technology or Generic). The test color will be updated based on the content area chosen. Click on the color square to change the color (if desired).

Add/Edit Grade – Enter the Grade Level(s) that the test is intended.

State Standard - Enter a State Standard that aligns with the test. Kindergarten and 1st Grade State Standards for all states are available in ESGI. Entering a State Standard in the Test Details area will not display on any reports.

Share Test – Check this box so that teachers within your district can find the test in Test Explorer for use in their individual accounts.

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