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Quickly create a test from any list you have saved on your computer using Auto Test Creator. Any type of list such as sight words, math computation, vocabulary, or observation can be added easily by following the step-by-step directions below or viewing the video at the bottom of this Support Page. 

Step-by-Step Directions: 

  1. Click "Test Explorer".


  1. Click the "Auto Test Creator" on the right side.


  1. “Test Topic” is an optional fieldIf a test topic is selected from the drop-down menu, the Test Name, Description, Directions, and Content Area will automatically populateEven though those fields will be auto populated, they can still be updated manually if you chooseSee the example below for test topic “Sight Words”:

  1. Enter a Test Name, Test Description, and DirectionsSelect Content Area, Grade Level, and Font using the drop-down menusTest Name and Test Description are required fields.

  1. Copy and paste the questions in the “Enter question or paste a list” field, or manually type the questions. If you are manually typing in the questions, as you are typing the question, a “+” will appear on the right-hand sideWhen finished typing the question, click the “+” sign to add the question to the list.

  1. If you wish to mix up the order of the questions, select “Randomize”. To manually move questions around, hold down the 6 dots to the left of each question, and drag and drop where you would like to place the question.

  1. To preview the test, click “Thumbnail View” in the lower left of the Auto Test Creator Screen.



  1. To edit from the “Thumbnail View”, click the three dots in the upper right corner of a test question, and select “Advanced Edit”.

  1. Edit the question using any of the fields or properties on the “Edit Question” Screen. When finished, click the blue “SAVE” button in the lower right corner.

  1. After editing the question(s), click the blue “SAVE” button in the lower right corner on the “Thumbnail View” Screen.

  1. Using the drop-down menu, select a subject tab to add the test to, and click “Confirm Subject Tab”.  If you do not wish to put the test in a subject tab at this time, skip the option to select the subject tab, and click “A"

  1. You can share tests with your district by selecting the box, “Share with District.” 

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