Creating a Rubric Test

Creating a Rubric Test you have two option pathways:

  • Select a pre-existing template: we offer 4 templates (Reading, Oral Language, Writing, and Math) that auto-populate the Criteria and levels used to evaluate student performance.

Fill in the descriptions for each Criteria x Level. 

  •  Start from scratch: a 3-step process for creating a rubric from scratch:  

Create Criteria

Create levels (numerical or text)

Create descriptions

After a description is added you have the option to add additional details that may be referenced during the assessment.


These details are not displayed on the official rubric, only on the test screen if accessed.  

  • To complete the process, you must set the name and description for the rubric, as well as other test metadata

Rubric Test Screen  

  1. The test screen displays the full rubric and is teacher-facing.  

  1. Functionality:  

  • Users select performance by clicking on the description for the respective Criteria and level. Notes can be added against each selection 

  • Summary notes can be added in the lower field. 

  • The score for the rubric is the sum of all selections. The total possible for the rubric is the # of levels x # of criteria.


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