Student Screen

The Student Screen feature cannot be used by multiple teachers logging into the same account (such as a Pre-Assess Account), even if they are testing different students.  

To begin: 

  1. On the device that will be used by the student, go to 

  1. The "ESGI's Student Screen" will appear. 


  1. On the device that will be used by the teacher, go to and log in with the teacher's username and password. 

  1. From the Teacher Dashboard Home Screen, in the left margin/Main Menu, click on the Student Screen icon below:

    Under "Session Information", Click "Get Code".

    A unique four-digit code will appear:

  1. Copy the four-digit code and paste it in the "Enter Session Code" field on the student's device. You will have five minutes to do this but can easily click to get another code if time runs out. 

  1. Give the student the device. 

  1. On the teacher's device, click on the student's name in the class list, then "Test" on the desired subject tab and test. 

  1. The student will see only the test question and will not see whether the answer was correct or incorrect. 

  1. The student will not see any test notes added during testing. 

  1. When the test is finished, the student will see the pie chart with the Test Session Results. 

  1. Testing another student can continue with the same code. When testing remotely, a new code is needed for each student. 

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