Editing Test Details

  1. Select the Session Details under the Session List:

  1. Click "Edit Pencil" at the top of the page:

  1. Answers can be changed by selecting the different options: Correct (), Incorrect (X), and Not Tested (NT) from one column to another by checking multiple boxes. A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

    : Answers under the "Not Tested" column are counted in the score as "Incorrect". Answers under the "Not Tested" column can be left out of the Parent Letter. To include the "Not Tested" answers on the Parent Letter, select the “Skipped Questions” option when running the Parent Letter.

  1. Once the change is complete, click "Save". Changes cannot be "undone" because the system does not know what was edited, but answers can be selected again and moved back to their original column.


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