Student SSO for Self-Assess (ClassLink)

Self-assess is now going to give an option for students to log in via ClassLink and Clever single sign on (SSO.) It's important to note that the student must login to the rostering tool on the same browser that they want to use ESGI with. If they log into separate browsers, there will be no connection made and the student won't be able to view their Assignments Page. 

Note: Only districts that are linked via Clever or Classlink can utilize these login options.

Here are the steps for the ClassLink SSO:

  1. The student should log into their Classlink account using their Classlink credentials.
  2. In the same browser, the student will open the URL:
  3. The student should click the ‘Classlink’ button to log in.

If the district is successfully linked to ESGI via Classlink, the student will be taken to the Assignments Page and can begin testing.


If the district is not linked to ESGI via Classlink, there will be a message indicating as such and the student will be denied access.


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