Adding Students by Importing Data

A new feature has been added to allow teachers to add students by importing a file. If students have already been added to a Dazzle class list, additional students cannot be imported into the same class but can be imported into a newly created class.


Acceptable file types are:

  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Comma Separated (.csv)
  • Tab Delimited or Plain Text (.txt)
  • A file exported from ESGI's Class Totals Report (downloaded as Excel, delete unnecessary rows and columns then Save As)

Column headings could be named:

  • First Name (mandatory)
  • Last Name (mandatory)
  • Student ID (optional)
  • Birthday (optional)
  • Transportation (optional)
  • Bus Number (optional)
  • Bus Stop (optional)


1. On the initial login screen, click "Import File":


2. A "Created by Import" tab will display:


3. If additional names or fields need to be added, delete the class and import again with a corrected file.

Warning:  Deleting students will delete all their data, so only delete if you haven’t added data or pictures.




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