Dazzle Importing FAQ

What is this FAQ about?

Today teachers can add students to Dazzle by entering them in one by one.  To make it easier to add students, we’ve added a feature that lets teachers add students by importing a file (e.g. a text file or Excel file).  We call this feature ‘Dazzle Student Importing’.

-- Getting Started --


How do I import students into Dazzle?

When you start using Dazzle, you’ll see a page with a blue ‘Import File’ button.  Click that button to import a file of your students.


I don’t see an ‘Import File’ button.  What do I do?

In order to import, you must have an empty class.  If you’ve already added students to Dazzle, you cannot import additional students.


I just did an import, but see I missed some data or realized the file format wasn’t how I wanted it.  What can I do to correct this?

If you are ok with deleting all the data, you can delete the class and import again with a corrected file.

Warning:  Deleting students will delete all their data, so only delete them if you haven’t started inputting data or pictures for students.  For example, if you started adding pictures for students, if you delete the students, you would have to re-add those pictures to each student.


I have students in the ESGI Assessment.  Is there an easy way to get those students into Dazzle?

Yes. From within ESGI, run the Class Totals report and export it to Excel.  Then import that Excel file into Dazzle and your students will be imported into Dazzle.


Before I was able to import my students from ESGI into Dazzle, but that doesn’t look to be working.  Can I still do that?

That functionality can no longer be used.  However, you can import a Class Totals Report from ESGI into Dazzle to achieve the same result.  Just export a Class Totals Report from ESGI to Excel and import that Excel file into Dazzle and you ESGI students will be imported into Dazzle.

-- File Format --


What kind of file types can be imported?

Excel (.xls, .xlsx), comma separated (.csv), tab delimited text (.txt), just text (.txt), an exported Excel version of ESGI’s Class Totals report.


What should I name the columns in the file I import?

Please use these names for each column:

First Name

Last Name

Student ID



Bus Number

Bus Stop


What if I don’t have values for all those fields (e.g. I don’t know the students Bus Stop)?

That’s no problem, just don’t include that column in the import file.


Are there any mandatory fields when importing?

The only required fields are student first name and student last name.


What if I want to add data to Dazzle (e.g. can I import parent names into Dazzle)?

Any columns (except a few system Dazzle columns) you put in the import file will be added as new lists in Dazzle.  Note that importing only works the first time you start using Dazzle each school year (when you haven’t added students yet).


Can I import a pdf file?

No, pdf files cannot be imported.

-- Adding more students --


Can I add more students or add more data to my existing class?

No.  Currently the import functionality is only for adding students when you first start using Dazzle each school year.

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