Trisha Peterson's CCSS Grade 2 Tests

Trisha Peterson has created 82 Grade 2 tests that align to CCSS. Please see the list below and CLICK HERE to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Add and Subtract within 100 (2.NBT.B.5)

Add and Subtract within 1000 (2.NBT.B.7)

Add and Subtract Within 20 (2.0A.B.2)

Add Up to Four 2-Digit Numbers (2.NBT.B.6)

Adjectives and Adverbs (L.2.1.E)

Arrays/Repeated Addition (2.OA.C.4)

Ask and Answer Questions (SL.2.3)

Author's Reasoning (RI.2.8)

Character Point of View in Literature (RL.2.6)

Character Response in Literature (RL.2.3)

Characters, Setting, and Plot in Literature (RL.2.7)

Collective Nouns (L.2.1.A)

Compare 3-Digit Numbers (2.NBT.A.4)

Compare and Contrast Informational Text (RI.2.9)

Compare and Contrast Literature (RL.2.9)

Connections in Informational Text (RI.2.3)

Context Clues (L.2.4.A)

Conventions (L.2.2)

Decode Two-Syllable Words with Long Vowels (RF.2.3.C)

Decode Words with Common Prefixes (RF.2.3.D)

Decode Words with Common Suffixes (RF.2.3.D)

Describe Using Adjectives and Adverbs (L.2.6)

Dolch 2nd Grade Words (RF.2.3.F)Estimate Lengths (2.MD.A.3)

Even and Odd Numbers (2.OA.C.3)

Explain Addition and Subtraction Strategies (2.NBT.B.9)

Express Ideas Through Multimedia (SL.2.5) 

Fluency (RF.2.4)

Fractions (2.G.A.3)

Fry's Second 100 Words (RF.2.3.F)

Gather Information (W.2.8)

Glossaries and Dictionaries (L.2.4.E)

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones (2.NBT.A.1)

Images in Informational Text (RI.2.7)

Informative/Explanatory Writing (W.2.2)

Irregular Plural Nouns (L.2.1.B)

Key Details in Informational Text (RI.2.1)

Key Details in Literature (RL.2.1)

Knowledge of Language (L.2.3)

Length Word Problems (2.MD.B.5)

Narrative Writing (W.2.3)

Opinion Writing (W.2.1)

Participate in Discussions (SL.2.1)

Partition Rectangles (2.G.A.2)

Past Tense of Irregular Verbs (L.2.1.D)

Picture and Bar Graphs (2.MD.D.10)

Read and Write Numbers to 1000 (2.NBT.A.3)

Reading and Comprehending Informational Text (RI.2.10)

Reading and Comprehending Literature (RL.2.10)

Reflexive Pronouns (L.2.1.C)

Represent Lengths on a Number Line (2.MD.B.6)

Research and Writing (W.2.7)

Retell Key Ideas (SL.2.2)

Revise and Edit (W.2.5)

Shape Attributes (2.G.A.1)

Similarly Spelled Words (RF.2.3.E)

Simple and Compound Sentences (L.2.1.F)

Skip Count within 1000 (2.NBT.A.2)

Speak in Complete Sentences (SL.2.6)

Story Structure in Literature (RL.2.5)

Tell a Story (SL.2.4)

Text Features in Informational Text (RI.2.5)

Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes (2.MD.C.7)

Use Digital Tools (W.2.6)

Vowel Teams (RF.2.3.B)

Word Problems Using Addition and Subtraction (2.OA.A.1)

Word Relationships (L.2.5)

Words, Rhythm, and Meaning in Literature (RL.2.4)

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