Get Data (District Admin Accounts)

How do I download all of my district’s teachers, students, and roster lists from ESGI?


District Admin accounts have the option of downloading a specific school year's roster data in to 3 files. To do so, navigate to the 'District Info' tab of your profile:


You have the ability to select the school year you want to download the files for (note: by default the current year will be selected):


Similar to the files utilized for importing, the download contains 3 files:


The teacher file contains all of the teacher accounts currently assigned to schools in the school year.


The student file contains all of the students that are assigned to a class for the school year.


The roster file contains all of the students, the teacher they are rostered against, and the school the student is rostered to. The file also contains the Grade Level of the student.

File Column Header Descriptions:

  1. Teachers.txt
    1. TchID – Teacher Unique ID (alpha – numeric)*
    2. SchCode – School Unique ID (alpha – numeric)
    3. TchFN – Teacher Firstname
    4. TchLN – Teacher Lastname
    5. Email – Teacher Email
    6. UserName – Teacher Login
  2. Students.txt
    1. StuID – Student Unique ID (alpha – numeric)
    2. FirstName - Student Firstname
    3. LastName - Student Lastname
    4. Gender – Gender.
    5. HomeLang – Student Home Language
  3. Rostering.txt
    1. StuID – Student Unique ID (alpha – numeric)**
    2. TchID – Teacher Unique ID (alpha – numeric)
    3. SchCode – School Unique ID (alpha – numeric)
    4. Grade – Grade Level


These files can be utilized outside of ESGI in a number of ways:

  • Quick access to a list of all teachers and students currently rostered in a school year
  • Comparing your ESGI data to another SIS (student information system)
  • Comparing your district's rostering between different school years
  • Any custom reporting/analysis you have in mind for the data
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