Jennifer Kadar's Basic Skills/K Tests

Jennifer Kadar has created 34 tests that are available for use in ESGI (see list below). See this CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on adding her tests to your Home Screen.

Rhyming Sound Isolation
Concepts of Print (1) Phoneme Segmentation
ID Lowercase Letters (2) Phoneme Segmentation
ID Lowercase D'Nealian (3) Phoneme Segmentation
ID Uppercase Letters Nonsense Words Fluency
ID Uppercase D'Nealian Nonsense Words D'Nealian
Lowercase Sounds Oral Reading Fluency
Lowercase Snds D'Nealian Oral Reading Fluency D'Nealian
ID Uppercase Sounds Colors
Uppercase Snds D'Nealian Color Words
Write Lowercase Letters Shapes 2 & 3D
Writes Uppercase Letters Counting Aloud
Letter ID Fluency Mixed Counting Objects
Letter ID Fluency D'Nealian Number ID 0-20
(1) 1st Sound Fluency Number ID 0-20 D'Nealian
(2) 1st Sound Fluency Number Writing 0-20
(3) 1st Sound Fluency Number Writing Fluency 0-20
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