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A "test intro page" is an introductory page that is not counted towards a test score. This page can be used to create an example question to show the student before administering the test to ensure they understand the assessment process. Teachers may benefit by including instructional details for how a test should be administered to the student.

Test Intro Pages can only be created for tests you author. If you'd like to use a system or Friend of ESGI test, simply copy the test first (making you the author) and then you can add a Test Intro Page. It is important to note that making a copy of an assessment copies only the questions and not the test data. So if students have already been tested, their data will not transfer to the new copy.


To create a Test Intro Page:

  1. Select the test
  2. Click ‘Create Test Intro Page’image_1.jpg
  3. Enter the directions or sample test question. Just like a question, the text color, size, and font can be customized. Images can also be added.
  4. Finalize the layout and click Save.image_2.jpg
  5. The Test Intro Page will display as the first thumbnail image in the Test Details. It will be easily identifiable by its title:image_3.jpg
  6. Click ‘Edit Test Intro Page’ to make any changes:image_4.jpg
  7. Preview the Test Intro Page by clicking the ‘Preview Test’ button:image_5.jpg
  8. The Test Intro Page will be the first screen to appear at the beginning of an assessment after clicking 'Test'.  Clicking ‘Start Test’ will move to the first question that follows the Test Intro Page:



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