School Managed Subject Tabs

In a School Admin Account, subject tabs can be created that will appear as blue tabs on the Home Screen of every teacher in your school. The School Admin adds specific tests to the tabs so every teacher is administering the same tests to all students in the school. School Managed Subject Tabs can be created directly from the Home Screen or from Test Explorer. Step-by-step instructions are provided below the video.


Creating School Managed Subject Tabs from the Home Screen

1. On the right side of the Data screen, click "Manage Tabs & Tests.


2.  Click Create New Subject .


3.  Customize the Subject Tab as shown below then click “SAVE”. A description of each "Publish" option is listed after the image below: 

For schools with teacher accounts only:

For schools with teacher and specialist accounts:


Publish to:

All School Teachers: Allows all teachers within the school to view the subject tab.

None: No teachers will be able to view the subject tab.

All School Specialists: Allows all specialists within the school to view the subject tab.

Individual School Specialists: Allows you to select one or multiple specialists to view the subject tab.

None: No specialists will be able to view the subject tab.



Off: The tab is not published

Indefinitely: Will stay published until turned off

School Year: Will stay published until the end of the Global School Year

Marking Period: Ability to publish for a single marking period or multiple

Custom Date Range: Publish for a desired range


4.  Click the “+” sign to the left of Add Test:


5.   Search for tests by searching in the “Enter test name or author” field, or use the drop down arrow to Filter by Test Type and/or Content Area.


6.  Check the box to the left of the tests that you want to be in the subject tab, and then click “DONE”.


7. After adding the tests to the subject tab, the “My Subjects and Tests” screen will come back.

  • Click the eyeball icon to hide the subject tab.  The subject tab can only be hidden if it is not published.
  • Click the pencil icon to make any further changes to the subject tab settings.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the subject tab.


To ensure teachers see the blue School Managed Subject Tab on their Home Screen:

  • Be sure they have students in their Class List
  • Be sure the students in their Class List have the same grade level you selected for the subject tab (see #3 above)
  • Be sure the Subject Tab is published (see #3 above)


Creating School Managed Subject Tabs from Test Explorer:

  1. Click Test Explorer at the top of the Home Screen.

  2. Click “Manage Tabs & Tests” on the right side under the "Subject Tabs & Tests" heading.
  3. Follow steps 3-7 provided above under Creating School Managed Subject Tabs from the Home Screen.
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