School Managed Subject Tabs

In a School Admin Account, subject tabs can be created that will appear as blue tabs on the Home Screen of every teacher in your school. The School Admin adds specific tests to the tabs so every teacher is administering the same tests to all students in the school. Scroll down to the bottom of this page if you prefer to watch the video.

 1.  Log in to the School Admin Account and click Test Explorer.

2016 TE button.jpg

2.  Click Organize Subjects at the top.

3.  Click New Subject at the bottom. 


 4.  Customize the Subject Tab as shown below then click Save:


5.  Click Add a Test. 


6.  Search for tests by using the "Search", "Scope", "Content Area" or "Author" filters. Simply drag the test from the left and drop it into your Subject Tab on the right. Or check the box next to the test and click "Add to Subject" at the bottom.


7. Editing the grade levels or testing type can be done by hovering over the tab, clicking Edit, and making the necessary changes. 


To ensure teachers see the blue Subject Tab on their Home Screen:

  • Be sure they have students in their Class List
  • Be sure the students in their Class List have the same grade level (see #5 above)
  • Be sure the Subject Tab is published (see #4 above)



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