District Totals Report

The District Totals report is only available in a District Admin Account and is best used with District Managed Subject Tabs.  This report will give an overview of the entire district, by school or by individual teacher. Step-by-step instructions can be found below the video:


1. Select "All Schools" on the left and then select a Subject Tab.

2. Click the District Totals button on the right of the Data Screen.

3. Once the report runs, easily switch to run the report for another Subject Tab by clicking the drop down arrow.  To run the report for a specific grade level, click the “Grade” drop down arrow and select the grade level: 

Select Settings options:

"Display results as": 
- If the "Score" radio button is selected, the student score for the test will be shown.
- If the "Percent" radio button is selected, the percentage will be shown.

"Display not tested as":
- If the "NT" radio button is selected, an "NT" will display if the student was not tested. 
- If the "Zero" radio button is selected, those same values become 0.

- If "Carry forward" is checked, the score will reflect the student's last test session regardless which marking period they were tested in. If the student is not tested during the 2nd marking period, the 1st marking period's score will remain.
- If "Carry forward" is not checked, only the scores from specific marking periods are shown.

"Marking Period":
- If the "Current" radio button is selected, only scores from the current marking period will be shown.
- If the "All" radio button is selected, scores from all marking periods will be shown.

4. Sort the report by clicking on School Name, Marking Period for a Test, or the Average % Correct. The arrow next to the column heading identifies the sorted column. 


5. View the report online, or download as a PDF or Excel file.

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