School Grade Report/Grading Scales

The School Grade Report allows schools to set up customizable ‘report card’ style reports. These include a customizable Grade Scale (A, B, C, etc.) and customizable Grade Ranges (i.e., 90-100% correct = A). Grade scales for the blue School Subject Tabs (Managed Tabs) can be set up by a School Admin. The grade scales can be customized with point values for each test.  Step-by-step instructions can be found below the video.


1. On the Data Screen, select "All Teachers" on the left side and select a Blue Subject Tab.


2. On the right hand side under School Reports, select School Grades

3. Select Your Grade Scale - Under My Scales, choose an existing scale (if any have been set up) or Create My Own.  You also have the option to select a pre-loaded System Scale.

4. To create a custom grading scale, enter information under Grade Description, to the right of Create My Own.

  • Fill in the Grades (high to low) that you want to use
  • To change the pre-populated color, click on the color square and a menu selection will populate
  • Fill in the description for each grade level
  • Click on "+Add Another" to add additional grade levels
  • The order of the grades can be moved by selecting the 6 button menu under "Order."
  • When done, select "Save and Continue"

5.  Select your Default Percentage values.  A reminder will populate stating "The default percentage value will apply to all subject tabs using the [E-M-B] grade scale"

  • The grading scale will populate.
  • Enter the percentage range for each grade
  • Select OK
  • See step 6 to set a Custom Range.

6. Choose Set Custom Range to set a custom range for each test.

  • You can set a custom range for each test with a subject tab using a numeric range based on the total number of questions in each test.
  • Choose subject tab from the dropdown menu
  • The number of tests in that subject tab will appear in parentheses next to "Tests"
  • Select each test from the dropdown menu
  • Select "Same all year" if your grading scale will stay the same across all marking periods.
  • Select "Different per Marking Period" if your grade scale will change for each marking period.
  • Complete the grade scale for each test in the subject tab
  • Continue setting grading scales for more subject tabs by selecting another tab from the dropdown menu
  • When done, choose Save and Continue

7. Run Report

8. Once the report runs, easily switch to run the report for another teacher, class, and/or Subject Tab.

The report can also be sorted by clicking on Teacher, Class, Student, Grade, and by the highest-to-lowest or lowest-to-highest score within each marking period column for a specific test.  The arrow next to the column heading identifies the sorted column.


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