Add/Change Marking Period Dates

The District Admin can update district marking period dates or add a marking period "track" for schools that have marking periods that are different than the district.


Only ESGI can update the Track Type (i.e., from Semesters to Quarters) and only ESGI can edit the start date to one before 8/1. Please email and we'll be happy to make either of these changes.


Each summer, ESGI "rolls over" the marking period dates from the previous school year into the new school year. It is recommended these be reviewed at the beginning of the school year and updated as needed. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.


Updating District Marking Periods

1. Click the Menu button then My Account.


2. Click “Add/edit track”.


3. Click the Calendar icons to select the marking period beginning and end dates.



Adding Another Marking Period (Track)

1. Click the drop down menu, and select “Add new track”.
2. E
nter the Track Name, the Track Type, and use the Calendar icons to select the beginning and end dates.



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