Details and History Buttons

The "Details" and "History" buttons are on each test on the Home Screen.


The Details allows viewing the test session information for a student. You can:

  • View the date, time and session duration of each test session. Be sure the Time Zone on your account is accurate.
  • View the teacher notes added during testing. Click here for instructions on how to Add Question Notes During Testing. Question Notes can also be added or edited after testing.
  • View/edit the list of correct and incorrect answers, as well as those items not tested.
  • Retest All or Test only incorrect items. Once a test has been administered, a teacher (or district) can decide whether subsequent testing should be all questions or only those answered incorrectly. The Retest All or Test Incorrect Support Page provides how-to details.
  • Delete or restore test sessions.

Clicking the History button displays the Test History Line Graph and can report on an individual student or the entire class or group.

  • Each test session is plotted on a graph.
  • The first data point on the graph is the baseline score. 
  • A test session date range can be selected.
  • The report can be printed as a PDF or saved as an Excel file. 
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