Dazzle Apps Launchpad - Lists and Templates

Each Dazzle App is pre-populated with default lists and templates. You can also add your own! 


Adding a List or Template

1.  To add your own list, click on the "+". To add a template, click "+ Add Template":


2. When you choose Add a list, a dialogue box will populate. Type in your list name to generate the types of lists that are available. Please see the Dazzle List Types Support Page for a complete description of each list type.


3. Choose your list type and any appropriate settings, then click "Save". Your list will now be located in the app.

4. When you choose Add a Template, it will default to the "My Template" tab. Click the "Gallery" tab to search for available templates. Scroll through the available templates or use the search box. Hover over the template and click "Add to App". 


5. The template will be added to your app.



Editing Lists and Templates

1. Click on the tab and select the pencil icon in the top right corner. 


2. An edit menu will pop up to edit, move, hide or remove a list or template.


3. The order of the lists or templates can be changed by clicking on the tab itself and moving it to the right or left into the new position.


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