Dazzle Templates

In the Apps Launchpad, click on the "Templates" tab or click "Add Template" to access the Template Gallery.



The Gallery displays the pre-loaded templates. A "Trending" area shows the most recent template additions.


Use the Search field or Filter button to find a specific template.


Click on the template. The students’ names will automatically pre-populate the template. The template can be edited, duplicated or printed.


Click on the edit icon and editing options will show on the left side.


Click "Show Full Details" to display all editable areas in the template:


Click the "Print" button to print one template for every student in your list. 

Click the "Print Wizard" icon to print the template for select students.


In the Print Wizard, you can:

  • Choose Students
  • Choose Templates
  • Preview
  • Print


If “Filter by Favorites” is checked, only the templates you've used or marked as favorites will display. To see all available templates, uncheck the "Filter by Favorites" box. To print more than one copy of a template, use the drop-down box in top right to select the quantity.

NOTE! Templates can be printed a maximum of 10 times in a trial account. A warning message will appear at the top of your screen informing you how many prints you have remaining.




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