Question Shuffler

Once a test has been administered to a student, there is an option to randomly shuffle test questions for each student. The random shuffle will be different each time the test is administered to a student.  Step-by-step instructions are included below the video.

1. Click on a student's name and then click the "Test" button on the test to be administered:


2. If the test has been administered to this student, the “Shuffle Question Order Before Test Session” option will be displayed.  Select the checkbox to turn on the shuffle feature, which will result in a different question order for each student and test session.

3. If “Test Incorrect Items” and “Re-Test All Items” do not display, there are two possible reasons why:

  • The test has never been administered to the student.
  • The test is on a blue or purple subject tab that is managed by your school or district and your School or District Admin has forced the test type.
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