Bingo is a personalized game that can be played in class or sent home for students to play with their families. Teachers create custom bingo cards that are based on student’s test results. Step-by-step instructions can be found below the video:


To start:

1. Click "Bingo" under Student Activities.


2. A brief explanation will display.  Click “LET’S BEGIN!”


Step 1:

  • Select the class. Use the radio buttons to select if there are multiple.
  • Select a specific student or “Select All”. 
  • Click the blue right arrow to proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

  • Select a subject tab and a test.
  • The test questions will populate the game cards.
  • Tests with less than eight questions are excluded from the test selection step.
  • Click the blue right arrow to proceed to step 3.

Step 3:

  • Select a card size (3x3 or 5x5).
  • If 3x3 is selected, an option to print 1 or 2 bingo cards per page will display.
  • If the selected test had less than 24 questions, then only the 3x3 card option will be available.
  • Select difficulty level (explanations below the image).
  • Click the blue right arrow to proceed to step 4.

*Description of difficulty levels:

Easy: 25% of the card is randomly chosen from the student’s ‘Incorrect’ and ‘Not Tested’ answers, and 75% of the card is chosen from the student’s ‘Correct’ answers.

Medium: 50% of the card is randomly chosen from what the student got ‘Incorrect’ and ‘Not Tested’, and 50% of the card is chosen from the ‘Correct’.

Hard: 75% of the card is randomly chosen from what the student got ‘Incorrect’ or ‘Not Tested’, and 25% is chosen from what the student got ‘Correct’.

Step 4:

  • Select where the game will be played by using the radio buttons (“In the Classroom” or “At student’s home”).
  • If “At student’s home” is selected, there will also be an option to list how many people will be playing at home.
  • Based on the number of times you want to play, enter the quantity of unique cards per student and the quantity of unique call sheets per class.
  • Questions can be previewed by clicking “PREVIEW QUESTIONS”.
  • By default, all the questions are selected. If you wish to exclude any questions from the game, un-check the box to the left of the question. There is a question count that displays how many questions exist against the test, and how many questions are required to build the Bingo Card. As questions are un-checked, the question count reduces, indicating how many questions will be included on the cards. When finished, click “DOWNLOAD GAME”. 
  • Print the PDF of the Call Sheet and Bingo Cards.  Click “FINISH”.
    Example of an ‘In the classroom’ Call Sheet:
    Example of a 3 x 3 student’s bingo card:
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