Using ESGI with Video Conference Software

ESGI can be administered to students in the classroom or at home when combined with any video conference software. Progress monitoring has never been easier!

  • Log in to your ESGI account.
  • Start a video conference call with your student.
  • Click on the test that needs to be administered.
  • Share screen.
  • Test your student as you would in the classroom

Here's a quick video that shows how.


Below are helpful links to the many video conference software options available:



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Zoom Video Tutorials

Zoom FAQ

Zoom Troubleshooting



How to Download GoToMeeting 

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How to Start a Scheduled GoToMeeting

How to Start an Instant GoToMeeting 

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How to Download Skype

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Skype Troubleshooting


Google Meet

How to Start a Google Meet meeting

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How to Add/Remove guests from a Google Meet meeting

Google Meet Training and Help

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How to Start a WebEx meeting

How to Join a WebEx meeting

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Teams ‘Basics’ tutorial

Teams ‘Tips and Tricks” tutorial

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