Test Series Aligned to Riverside's Iowa Assessments™ (Levels 5 and 6)

ESGI teachers can now monitor progress against the same next generation learning standards assessed by the Iowa Assessments.


ESGI has 18 ELA and 4 Math tests that are aligned to Riverside's Iowa Assessments™ Level 5 for Kindergarten. The ELA tests focus on key areas of Inferential Meaning, Auditory Cues, and Word Attack. The Math tests include the key areas of Number Sense, Algebraic Patterns and Geometry.



ESGI has 11 ELA and 4 Math tests that are aligned to Riverside’s Iowa Assessments™ Level 6 for 1st grade. The ELA tests focus on key areas of Literal Comprehension, Inferential Comprehension, and Word Building skills. The Math test include key areas of Number Sense & Operations, Algebraic Patterns & Connections, Geometry and Measurement. 


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