Specialist Accounts

Regular ESGI Teacher Accounts allow a student to be associated with only one teacher. Specialist accounts share a student association with the Primary Teacher.  A student can only have one primary association but can have multiple secondary associations.  For example, the homeroom teacher would be the primary association and a specialist would be the secondary association. A student can be tested in both accounts and each account can view the data if the exact same tests are on their home screens.

There are two types of Specialist Accounts: 

  • District (access to all students in the district) 
  • School (access to students in one school)

The Specialist Account is intended as a single license for specialists that assess students in multiple classrooms and/or grades and are not classroom/homeroom teachers. Separate accounts are needed for each specialist.


Step-by-step instructions can be found below the video:

Adding Students to a Specialist Account:

Students that have been assessed in ESGI by another teacher or in a Pre-Assess Account should be added to a group using Student Manager. Manually adding a student that exists in Student Manager will create a duplicate.

1. Click Student Manager at the top of the screen:


2. Select the student name(s) that you need to add to your account by clicking the checkbox(es) to the left of their name(s), then click the Assign button.

  • If the student is not found but you know the student is in another teacher's class, that teacher might have an account that is not linked to the district. Before you add the student manually, have the teacher reach out to to be linked. Manually adding a student that exists in Student Manager will create a duplicate.
  • If the student is new, click the + next to Students and manually add them. They will be added to your group but will not be assigned to a primary teacher.


3. Assign the student(s) to your group by using the dropdown, then click Confirm.  For more information on creating additional groups, please see our Creating Groups Support Page. 


4. Click Home to go back to your Home Screen.


Add the Subject Tab and Tests 

Our Adding a Subject Tab and Test Support Page provides step-by-step instructions. Detailed information on finding, copying, and sharing tests can be found on our Test Explorer Support Page. 


Test Students 

On the left side of your Home Screen, your groups will be displayed. Below your groups, will be the Primary Teacher(s) associated with the students in your group(s). Click the student name on the left, then click the Test button on the specific test you will administer.  Detailed instructions can be found on our Testing Students Support Page.




Detailed information on individual reports can be found on our Reports Support Page. 

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