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Regular ESGI Teacher Accounts allow a student to be associated with only one teacher. Specialist accounts share a student association with the Primary Teacher.  A student can only have one primary association but can have multiple secondary associations.  For example, the homeroom teacher would be the primary association and a specialist would be the secondary association. Both can test the same students and see the collected data.

There are two types of Specialist Accounts: 

  • District (access to all students in the district) 
  • School (access to students in one school)

Specialist Hierarchy

On the left side of your Data Screen, select Specialist List.

Specialist accounts are listed in reverse order from regular teacher hierarchy (Standard List):

  • District Specialists 
  • School Specialists 
  • Specialist Groups 
  • Schools 
  • Teachers 
  • Students 

Assigning Students to a Specialist

  1. Click the Student Manager button at the top of the screen. 

  2. Select the student name(s) and click the Assign button.  Students can be assigned to both a primary teacher and a specialist if needed. blobid3.jpg

  3. Under Assign To, select the Specialist radio button.  Choose the Specialist Type (District or School) Name and Specialist Group, then click Confirm. blobid4.png

Reports for Specialist Accounts

  • To see report data collected by the Specialist(s) only, click Specialist List and click any report.
  • To see report data collected by both the Specialist(s) and Primary Teacher, select Standard List. The District/School level pie charts will include specialist test results if the student shares a primary association with a teacher. 
  • Test results from students that are only assigned to a specialist will not be included in the Standard List homepage pie charts. 
  • Specialist List pie chart reports will include results from students who share a primary association and those that only have a secondary association.
  • The most recent test result will display in reports, regardless of who administered the test.  
  • Test Session Details now displays a ‘Tested By’ field that identifies who administered the test sessions:    
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