Account Settings

Each teacher can control the settings in their account:

  • Sort students
  • Time Zone 
  • Enable Shortcuts
  • Test Buttons 
  • Test Results 
  • Single Sign On (Clever/ClassLink) 
  • Student Screen Code 
  • Session Results 

To edit any of your account settings: 

  1. Login to your account and click on the “Menu” button. 
  2. Select “Settings” 
  3. Setting options:
  4. Choose the desired setting:
    Sort Students by: Use the dropdown arrows to sort students by first or last name. Click SAVE when finished.   

Time Zone: Use the dropdown arrows to select the correct time zone. Click SAVE when finished. 
Shortcuts: Click on the box “Enable shortcuts” in order to use the left and right arrow keys or the letters “Y” and “N” on the keyboard to mark a question as correct or incorrect, instead of clicking the “Yes” and “No” buttons on the screen. Click SAVE when finished. 

Test Buttons: Click on “Customize” to change the “Yes” and “No” test button labels to something else (I.e., “Y” and “N”). This field has a 5-character limit. Click SAVE when finished. 
Test Results: Click on “Customize” to change the verbiage for tests results from Correct/Incorrect to something else (I.e., “Mastered” and “Not Mastered”). This field has a 12-character limit. Click SAVE when finished. 

The custom verbiage will display everywhere where “Correct/Incorrect” previously displayed (Home Screen, Parent Letter, Student Detail Report, Item Analysis and Pie Charts):

Home Screen: 


Parent Letter:

Student Detail Report: 

Item Analysis: 

Pie Charts:

Single Sign On
: Click the links below for complete details on linking your account to Clever or ClassLink.
Linking ESGI and Clever Support Page 
Linking ESGI and ClassLink/OneClick Support Page 

Student Screen: See the Student Screen Support Page for details on using this feature. 

Session Results: Click on “Show pie chart results” to enable a pie chart display when a test session has ended:

When pie chart results are turned off, this will display when a test session has ended: 



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