Admin Dashboard

District and School Admins that have ESGI accounts will see the simplified Admin Dashboard when logging into ESGI. Helpful navigation information can be found below:


1. Click the "Review Performance Data" tile or the Data button in the top navigation bar to access school and/or district reports, view student performance trends or examine gap analyses charts and graphs:


Use the left navigation to access specific school, teacher and student data. Click any of the reports on the right navigation to run specific reports. Clicking on the dropdown arrow will hide the report panel from view:

  • blobid0.png

2. Click the "Organize Tests" tile to manage subject tabs and tests:

3. Click the "Access Preloaded Tests" tile or the Test Explorer button in the top navigation bar to manage tests:

Here you can find standards-aligned and skills tests, copy and edit existing tests or create your own tests. Our Intro to Test Explorer Support Page provides step-by-step instructions.


4. Click Student Manager in the top navigation bar to manage students. Our Student Manager Support Page provides detailed information.


5. Click the Home button in the top navigation bar to return to the Admin Dashboard.

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