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Student rosters can be uploaded into ESGI using an .xlsx or .csv file, using our provided template or your own!

  • This feature is available to teachers only, but not available to teachers that have their rosters automatically imported into ESGI.
  • Students that have previously been tested in ESGI will need to be added using Student Manager.
  • Specialists are able to add students using Student Manager or the + icon if the student has never been tested in ESGI. 
  • Files can be uploaded from the Home Screen.

Step-by-step instructions can be found below the video:



1. If you have one class, skip to the next step. If you have multiple classes, you will need to upload separate rosters for each class. First select a class:

2. From your home screen, click the + sign next to All Students.


If students have not yet been added to your class list, the Add Student(s) pop up window will appear. Click 'Upload Roster', then skip to step 3:


3. It is highly recommended to download the template, but if you have a file with the required fields, then click Upload Roster and skip to step 5:


4. The template will download. Click Enable Editing to begin:


Required Fields:

  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Grade 
    For PreK, enter PK
    For Kindergarten, enter K
    For Transitional Kindergarten, enter TK

Optional Fields:

  • Student ID - if not included, the field will remain blank  
  • Language - will default to 'English'
  • Gender - will default to ‘Prefer not to say’  

5. Be sure you do not have any rows above the header row "Name, Grade, Gender, etc." Enter your student information on the template, save the file as xlsx or csv and skip to Step 6. If using a Mac, you can convert the Numbers file to an .xlsx by following these steps:
- Select File
- Select Export To
- Select Excel:

Then select "One per sheet" then select Next:

Then name your document, choose where to save it, then select Export:

6. Then click 'Upload Roster':


7. If any required information is missing, a pop up with display:

8. Correct the file. When complete, the 'File Upload is Complete' message will pop up and your students will be listed under 'All Students' (your class list):


9. Click 'Got It' and you're ready to test students!

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