Sorting for Templates?

Is there a way to choose certain kids to make a specific template for . For example-- I made cubby tags for all of my students.  Now I have a new kid.  I really don't want to print them all over again.  Even if I print just the page with his on it it may waste a lot of ink. 

Alternately-- I made transportation tags-- but I wanted to print some on yellow cardstock- (our district's bus color code) and others on purple (color code for our car riders).  I ended up having to color them all by hand.  It would have been easier and quicker to either sort for a criteria-- or even check off the kids that I needed to print for. 

This would be similar to when ESGI asks if you want to print a parent letter or flash cards and lets you check off the kids (or the tests) that you want- rather than just printing everything. 

If you could help it would be awesome.

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